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ATC CNC Router for Sale with Ex-Factory Price

What Is an ATC CNC Router?

Usually it refers to a kind of woodworking CNC Router with ATC – an acronym for automatic tool changer, or auto tool changing. 

How Many Kinds of CNC ATC Router Are There?

According to the type of tool storage, there are three kinds: Carousel ATC RouterLinear ATC CNC Router, and Pneumatic Multi-Spindle Tool Changer CNC Router.

What Benefits Can an CNC Router with ATC Offer to Us?

The ATC mechanism greatly optimizes the tool change process. With it, the CNC Router changes tools automatically instead of manual operation. And this will bring us two benefits:

First, it speeds up the process of tool changing for sure if you compare with a machine without automatic tool changer. As result in return, it increases the productivity a lot.

Second, you will get a better accuracy on your finished job. Simply because that, the whole job is completed by multiple tools but on basic of one reference point only. This avoids machining tolerance caused by multiple setup of reference point.   

Application Scope

The ATC CNC Routing Machine is very good at the job that requires multiple tools to complete. So, it is usually utilized in production of panel furniture (such as cabinet, custom furniture, wood door panel, wall art decorative panel), and other jobs which need multiple tools milling.

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